Monthly Archives: April 2010

Shopahaulic’s new kickstand. You can just sort of see it’s happy.

The Shopahaulic’s new self-limiting kickstand is neither bolted to the frame nor part of it. When retracted, it’s held by neither spring nor latch. So how does it work? Some sort of magnetic vortex core reversal by excitation with short bursts of an alternating field, you ask? Maybe. Or maybe you should just stop in and see for yourself. Shopahaulic kickstand down Shopahaulic kickstand up

Introducing the ShuttleBug

Our handmade-in-Portland, belt-drive ShuttleBug made its debut at PedalNation’s bike show this past weekend. The reaction has been excellent. Please see this story.

The bike shown in the photos is at the shop and available for test rides for those interested in placing an order.  We’re working hard to get into production mode.