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Trick-or-Treating by Bike: The advantages enumerated in great detail.

Here’s our new chalkboard boxbike being readied for Halloween.

The advantages of trick-or-treating by cargo bike were recently articulated by Jackson, a 4.75-year-old Portland resident and boxbike aficionado:

1. You can hit more houses and get more candy by bike because you go faster than if you’re just walking.

2, You can haul more candy and your arms won’t get tired.

2. In the case of monsters, you can get away faster, though in the case of witches with brooms, you are pretty much doomed either way.

3. Your friends and their families can form bike trains.

4. The bikes have lights and can carry front and rear jack-o-lanterns.

5. You can decorate the bikes and possibly make them invisible.

6. If it rains too much or gets too windy, you can sit under the canopy.

7. Worth repeating: you can hit more houses and get more candy because you go faster than if you’re just walking.

Find us at the Blaq Design booth at the Handmade Bicycle Show this weekend.

Stop by the Blaq Design booth, welcome theseĀ  guys to Portland (from Ohio), check out their bags and accessories, and step inside the largest bag that Blaq has ever made: a ShuttleBug cabin. Our newest Bug, this one equipped with Nuvinci’s just-released n360 hub, will be there to support you.

The Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show is this weekend, Oct. 9-10, at Sandbox Studio, 420 NE 9th Ave. Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.. Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.