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Our new, made-in-Portland cabin for our standard boxbike

Made-in-Portland box for standard boxbike

Here’s a first look at our new, made-in-Portland cabin, which will be standard on our base boxbikes, along with a Nexus premium 8-speed hub, IM-80 roller brake, and other excellent components. How much? Nada. The price remains $1699. Why’s that? Because as America’s largest distributor/retailer of longjohn-style cargo bikes, we’ve gotten pretty efficient at what we do.

The boxes are made by a Portland carpenter out of marine-grade plywood, and can be stained any shade or, just like our boxbike frames, painted any color you like. Two sets of safety harnesses are included but aren’t shown here. The base of the box is about an inch longer than the original. The width is about the same but there’s a little more depth.

This cabin also works with our handmade ShuttleBug, and will shave several hundred dollars off the cost of the complete ShuttleBug.

Portland-made rain canopies, seat cushions, and flat rainproof covers for the new cabin will be available shortly. They’ll make you wish it could rain year-round in Portland. Maybe.

WorkCycles review ranks ShuttleBug tops (okay, it’s a tie).

The venerable Amsterdam-based Workcycles blog, Bakfiets en Meer, just published this guest review of cargo bikes by Josh Boisclair, an American mechanic who knows his subject matter. Josh’s conclusion on the best family transport bikes ’round the world? “Carrying multiple children distances under 20 miles is still best with either the van Andel Short Bakfiets or Joebike Shuttlebug.” That’s good company! Along with a lot of other fine bikes that Boisclair discusses, as well.

Here are a few reasons we can think of to agree:

–Lightweight but very durable chromoly construction for an easy, supple ride

–Supercomfortable, open riding position and great stability at low and high speeds

–Stepthrough frame with excellent lateral stiffness

–Lightweight cordura-on-steel cabin with quick-release mounting/dismounting, revealing a tough aluminum -readplate cargo platform

–The potential for two cargo decks, including a four-foot upper deck with quick-release mounts

–Very comfy hammock-style, adjustable seating for kids, along with padded safety restraints and pockets everywhere

–Internally geared, weatherproof 8- or 11-speed (or CVT) hubs; weatherproof, maintenance-free Gates belt drive obviating a chaincase; disc brakes

–Accessories such as AXA wheel lock, dyno hub with standing lights, and a rain canopy that keeps your hands as well as your kids dry

–Designed and handmade in Portland, and built up to the customer’s spec

How a 110 lb. photographer gets her 140 lb. dog to the shoot on time.

So how does this 5’2″, 110 lb. photographer get her 140 lb. Great Dane to photo shoots all over New York City? Subways and buses aren’t options–the dog wouldn’t be allowed on. Taxicabs? Not likely. Driving? No. It’s faster to go by bike. What kind of bike can do that? A ShuttleBug handmade by Joe Bike and rechristened the ShuttleDog.dori and reyki, waiting for their ShuttleDog to arrive from Portland (photo: Cat Phoenix)


Here’s a ShuttleBug we designed and built for a Great Dane named Alexander Reykjavik (140 lbs.) and his owner (110 lbs., 5’2″). ShuttleDog is shipping to Brooklyn next week. We were tempted to load up our own dogs for a quick photo shoot, but no way—Reyki loves that new-bike smell, and he’s got a big nose.

Reyki modeling