Monthly Archives: July 2011

“The ultimate utility bike allows you to lose your car”: @QuixoteCycles

A quote we couldn’t agree with more, from Jonathan Reed of Quixote Cycles (who has also crafted some gorgeous parts for our own ShuttleBug). Check out this video featuring Reed and some other top bike framebuilders. It’s about the Oregon Manifest 2011 design competition: building the ultimate utility bike.

Joe Bike has teamed up with Portland framebuilder Antload (also known as Mike Cobb, our service manager and Efficient Velo Tools craftsman) to take part in this competition, which takes place in September. It’s just a few weeks away, really. Stay tuned.

More belt! From the world’s leading belt-drive bike dealer (um, that’s us)




A family of 6 on a world tour by bike

Last week a German/Australian family of 6 stopped in for service to a very sturdy looking German touring bike we’d never seen before. It turns out they were the family behind on their way around the globe. Check out their expeditionary map, photos, and blog. See also our Touring page for links and a growing lineup of touring bikes.