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Reunited! A cargobike-theft story with a happy ending (and even a Christmas tree)

A friend on Facebook posted a story this morning written by his friend Ryan on Flickr.

Sometime between midnight and 3am on November 26th, The AoB was stolen from my home. By early Sunday afternoon- with the help of social media and many friends, I had recovered it. I had expected that, if I ever got it back, it would be trashed. The only damage though is the board you see in the middle of the cargo deck; someone had attached a Christmas tree to that board and then nailed it to the cargo deck. The Christmas tree was, ironically, a key factor in my getting the bike back: the person who had it when I found it (claims he bought it on the street and was not the thief) had been cruising around the Lloyd District with the tree nailed on it trying to sell the tree. A woman took a picture of that outside of a Safeway thinking it was just funny, and posted it to facebook. Within moments a friend of a friend recognized it, got in contact with me, I put out a request on my profile, and a small army of awesome friends quickly descended on the Safeway. We didn’t find him, but we got a bunch of information from people who were there. The next day, several friends and I met there again to look for the bike. My friend Risa asked a guy if he’d seen it, it turned out he had it, and I was able to get it back (thanks, Risa Dale!)

All of this, from the theft to recovery, took place in less than 36 hours. That I got it back was completely due to friends getting the information and pictures out on social media and to the help of my friends and caring strangers (as of yet, the Portland Police Bureau has not responded to my stolen bike report). Many of my friends stepped up to help, as did many caring strangers- several of whom are now new friends. It seemed that people were coming out of the woodwork and bending over backwards to help. That’s what community is all about- friends taking care of friends! I am humbled by and very thankful for the generosity and caring of this galvanized community. And that I have my bike back! I hope I will be able to, in some small way, repay the kindness, caring, and generosity shown to me during this situation.

Where are they made? List of Oregon-made cargo bikes

Joe Bike ShuttleBug: Made by Joe Bike staff in Portland

Metrofiets: made (and largely designed) in Bend, Oregon, by a subcontractor

Ahearne CycleTruck: made in Eugene except custom-built bikes

CETMA: Eugene

Human Powered Machines: Eugene

Tom’s Cargo Bikes: Tom turns used steel bikes into cargo bikes in Portland

Huckleberry: Forest Grove (outside of Portland)

Stites Design: Portland

Where are other cargo bikes made?

Larry vs. Harry Bullitt: Made and assembled in Taiwan

Gazelle Cabby: China

WorkCycles Bakfiets: Amsterdam

It’s the Black Friday pepperspray turn-in sale.

Black Friday Pepperspray Surrender Sale!T

Today only, 11-6: a deal so good it ought to be unconstitutional! Turn in your pepperspray gun and canisters, and we’ll give you 20% off any nonpepperspray accessories in stock. (Sorry, camping out front is strictly verboten.)

Police officer special: Have you deployed pepperspray on peaceful protesters, sirs? Then show us your badge and some video proving your valor, surrender your pro pepperspray System on the counter, and then take an additional 20% off the marked-down price. Wow, does that equal 40% off? NO! That sort of math would be in serious need of a well-enforced exercise training program. We’ll let you stop and figure it out, sir!

Joe Bike is tripling in size and hiring and stuff.

It was perhaps inadvisable to open a bike shop from scratch in the fall of 2008. But we made it. In January 2012, our retail shop and full-service repair, fitting, and customization areas are undergoing a major expansion on Hawthorne Blvd. Yes, we’re going to have a party and yes, you’re invited.

In the meantime, we’re looking for excellent mechanics.  We’re also interested in recent UBI graduates who might want to intern with us and gain some experience in a dynamic environment.

We’re looking for mechanics with strong integrity along with these skills and traits:

–at least 3 years of bike shop experience, preferably involving repair on a wide variety of bikes, wheelbuilding, and sales

–a passion for city, utility, and touring bikes and an understanding of what high performance means in those worlds

–experience with internally geared hubs, belt drive, hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes, and dyno systems is preferred

–an interest in complex custom projects for people all over the world

–excellent communication skills with customers and with other employees

We hire relatively high up the ladder and pay commensurately. Why? We get the best people that way, but also, what we do is pretty demanding, requires more responsibility and creativity than usual, and is frequenty dangerous. Okay, it’s not frequently dangerous at all. “Not frequently glamorous” is what we meant to say. Though it may be in a couple more years.

How to apply: stop in with a resume or email an introduction with a resume to info.

A working interview is part of the hiring process. References are required.

n360 Joe Bike Boxbike on Portland Craigslist, $2000 obo

This is an 8-month-old Boxbike with significant upgrades:

Nuvinci n360 hub for continuously variable internally geared hub–extremely robust, maintenance-free, weatherproof, and clean.

Very powerful Shimano rear roller brake (not a coaster brake!) impervious to Portland rain.

Shimano dyno hub with Shimano dyno light

The box is handmade in Portland and weather-sealed.

The rain canopy is handmade in Portland by Blaq Design.

Stout rear rack.

Powdercoated and completely assembled in Portland.

Built-in rear wheel lock.

Safety harnesses for two passengers (not shown in photo).

Removable bench.

Joe Bike boxbike with Nuvinci n360

the new box