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Our Lady of Perpetual Ground Supremacy says This is why we can have nice things. Such as this Spot Acme. Thwack!

Spot Acme ground superiority bicycle

Our Lady of the Order of Perpetual Motion Etc. gives her rare blessings to This One, a Spot Brand Acme custom-built all-weather ground superiority bike. We know it’s just a bike; yes. Let’s not go thinking we’re anything special thwack. But it’s a bike with Gates Carbon Drive, an n360 hub, Saint 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes, Supernova Infinity-8 dynamo hub (shown sans lighting), which has a switch to disengage the magnets for no-resistance cruising, The Plug II USB power outlet for charging electronics, and a few other nice things. Acme has a hand-polished aluminum frame with a carbon fork and it’s a nice thing in and of itself. Rack and fenders totally.

N360 Saint AcmeSo here we have the n360 continuously variable internally geared hub that lets you choose exactly the gear ratio you want, ad infinitum. It’s completely weatherproof and virtually maintenance-free, just like the Gates belt and the Saint hydraulic disc brakes. Which is why our bikes are ideal for places like Portland. And don’t you have to retension the belt whenever you put the rear wheel back in? Nope. You don’t have to retension the belt.

Supernova Saint Acme cockpitWhat the hell are we supposed to be looking at here? Tout Terrain’s The Plug II is kind of visible, it’s the gizmo hanging out atop the steerer tube/stem. It powers smartphones and other devices off of the Supernova dyno hub that that’s also kind of visible. PDW Whiskey grips complete the thought for us while also giving you a super effective way to hold onto and control the bicycle. We recommend grips.

Saint rear Acme n360Mercy you! Saint 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes. In the morning it’ll go straight to your hips, but for now, so good. So good you can’t stop. We mean, you can stop, with extraordinary power and modulation, but you can’t stop stopping is what we mean. You will literally pedal in order so that you may stop. Literally. Addictive.

Supernova Saint AcmeThere it is: the Supernova Infinity 8 dynamo hub. And by the way, look closely at those fork blades. Looks like a paint problem, right? Wrong. The fork is unidirectional carbon fiber and is not painted. This is what unpainted unidirectional carbon fiber looks like. That’s a good thing.

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