2015 Raleigh Misceo 4.0 i8

Misceo with optional rack and fenders. That's an Axiom Streamliner Disc DLX rack and Planet Bike Cascadia fenders.

Misceo with optional rack and fenders. That’s an Axiom Streamliner Disc DLX rack and Planet Bike Cascadia fenders.

 For 2015 Raleigh wanted to reach a significantly lower price point in order to get more people into belt drive, internal gearing, and disc brakes (these three things together are what we specialize in). So they replaced the Alfine 11 hub with the Alfine 8 hub, allowing them to cut the price from $1600 to $1299.

Kidded-out Misceo

A kidded-out Misceo with a complete dynamo system, Topeak child seat, alternative handlebars for a more upright position, and an ASUS Jumbo bipod kickstand.

The hub switch (with 46/26 gearing, which is good for climbing hills or hauling stuff) takes a bit away from high-speed capability…but that’s okay for most Misceo riders, because Misceo isn’t meant for racing, and even with the 8-speed you can still cruise along at 19-20 mph on flat ground. If anything, most of our Misceo customers have been more interested in low-end gearing for climbing or trailer-pulling–and the 8-speed and 11-speed have the same first gear, so all is well. With its kinda wide (40 mm) puncture-resistant tires, the Misceo invites you to go off-road sometimes, and it’s a great bike for fire lanes, rail trails, and many nontechnical dirt trails, gravel, and pavement.

The Misceo frame is has a few improvements over the 2014: the downtube now provides more clearance to prevent your toes from rubbing the tire during sharp turns, and there’s more room for fenders with very wide tires (say, up to 45 mm).

The combination of belt drive, internally geared hub, and disc brakes makes a bike as low-maintenance and as all-weather as a bike can get (unless you want to ride a brakeless fixie, that is). Fixing flats is cleaner and easier with this kind of drivetrain. For a Portland city bike, we would add a dynamo system with always-on front and rear lights, a rear rack with rainproof bags such as Ortliebs, and a set of fenders such as Axiom Rainrunner. We offer package discounts when most or all of these things are bundled together…ask us for details.

Conversion to Alfine 11 or n360 is something we can do, but we don’t suggest such a change with the Misceo, considering the high cost ($300-600) vs. the limited benefits of this kind of swap.

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Or…Want to turn the Misceo into the ultimate urban bike? Go nuts right here:

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