2016 Raleigh RXS singlespeed belt

2016 rxs

Remaining sizes are now on closeout at $1299 (originally $1550).

The 2016 RXS is at least 1 lb lighter than last year’s model: 20.2 now vs about 21.5 last year (56 cm; no pedals). The lighter weight comes with these notable improvements:

Stiffer rear triangle

Front and rear thru-axles

Easier and more secure mounting of the rear wheel, with no need to tension the belt.

Tubeless-ready wheels and tires. Lighter and faster than last year’s.

Raleigh-16_RXS_MatteBlackWhy is Raleigh doing this? Singlespeed cyclocross racing is the purest form of the sport, and many would say the hardest. But with purity comes simplicity, and with simplicity comes joy. There’s a certain freedom to not having to think four times a second about shifting. There are no derailleurs to clog up or break off, no chain to drop, nothing that can’t be simply hosed off after a muddy race. Take advantage of the tubeless setup and stop worrying about pinch flats. In short: think less, experience more.rxs

Our recommendations:

1. RXS comes with 50/22 gearing, taller than on similar bikes like the Spot Rallye, which is 50/24. We’re happy to adjust the gearing on your new RXS to 50/24 for $30 parts and labor (we keep the stock parts). That includes the 24t cog and a longer belt.

2. We suggest you go tubeless. It’s lighter and you can run lower pressures without worrying about pinch flats. We can make this happen for $30 complete using the stock wheels and tires. Not sure what tubeless is all about? We’re happy to chat.

 Frame: superlight butted 6061 alloy

Fork: Raleigh carbon, thru-axle

Supplies are limited; there was only one production run for the year. Only sizes 60 and 62 are left.

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