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New and Noteworthy

We’d like to introduce you to some things we’ve taken into the herd lately. Since we sell only things that we like, we’re excited to show them off. Here goes.

Raleigh Misceo 4.0 i8

Some bikes flaunt themselves and call attention to their fancy components.

And then there are bikes that have the exact same components but that fly under the radar. They might not look like anything different, and in fact you might not notice them at all, much like a too-young fixie rider who prefers to ride without lights.

The new Raleigh Misceo 4.0 i8 is one such bike. So we decided to call some attention to it. Here’s why. With a weatherproof, almost zero-maintenance drivetrain and superior, low-maintenance brakes, the Misceo packs a lot of advanced bike technology into an unassuming package at an extremely low price (given this level of components). It features a Shimano Alfine 8 internally geared hub, which has proven to be extremely reliable and to require very little maintenance. It’s also clean, in that there’s no grease, no gunk, no sharp metal edges. Complimenting this is the Gates Carbon Drive belt system, which replaces a filthy, clothes-chewing chain with a clean, dry, zero-maintenance belt that will last far longer. Thirdly, the Shimano self-adjusting hydraulic disc brakes are about as good as it gets for city riding, especially in rainy weather. They’ll never scratch or groove your rims, either. The tires are wider than you’ll find on road bikes, meaning you’ll have more contact with the pavement for greater stability and control. Fenders, rack,, and water bottle cages go on easily. Add a dynamo lighting system, and you’ll never have to worry about batteries, light theft, or forgetting to remember where your lights are–you just hop on and ride and the lights take care of themselves.  have a perfect all-weather city bike


Misceo 4.0 i8Misceo 5.0 b

Raleigh Clubman Disc:

After a 3-year absence, Raleigh has reached back into its past and redesigned their venerable Clubman. Now it has disc brakes. Since all the bikes we carry have disc brakes (yes, that’s our policy), and since we love drop-bar, cromoly roadsters with classic looks, we’re very happy to put this bike where it belongs: on Portland’s streets! As with almost all our bikes, we’re offering a Portlandistan version of the Clubman Disc. That will include a kick-ass dynamo lighting system, a light but very stiff rear rack, and a few other things that make biking in Portland even more of a pleasure than it already is. Arriving end of October 2014.


Soma Wolverine frameset and custom builds

Wolverine built Wolverine