A note on the origin of our Boxbike

Over 90% of all bikes sold in the US are made, painted, assembled, and packed in mainland China. Most of the rest are made in Taiwan. After a few stops along the way, the bikes arrive in US shops in about 90% assembled condition and require maybe 30 minutes of local labor (for conventional bikes) before they’re on the sales floor. Our Boxbike (not the handmade ShuttleBug–they are two different creatures) is based on a frame made in China. Everything else is done in Portland: powdercoating/liquid painting, the box, the optional canopy, and full assembly. There is thus as much domestic input with the boxbike as there can be, short of making the frame in the US. In fact, there is significantly more domestic input with our Boxbike than with any factory-made cargo bike on the market.

And by the way, this allows us to customize the bike for you to a much greater extent than with any factory-made bike. Thanks for reading this.