Reviews and Media

Watch this trailer for an upcoming documentary on the American cargobike movement. It’s made by a ShuttleBug customer who, we later learned, is a filmmaker.

The first prototype of the Joe Bike (a modification of our standard Boxbike) got a thumbs-up in Discovery Channel’s Treehugger. More recently, Treehugger rated our handmade ShuttleBug “the champagne” of the top 5 kid/cargo bikes out there. Bicycling Magazine A family of 6 reviews our Boxbike. Spot Bikes’ Acme and Ajax belt-drive models were previewed by BikeRumor. The Bikes for Clunkers program in 2009 got a lot of media attention. Here’s an American Public Radio “Marketplace” interview with Joe. Here’s an interview on local TV station KGW. The 2011 Norco Ceres was reviewed thoroughly at