Bags and Panniers

We at Joe Bike believe in cycling as a viable form of transportation as well as an entire way of life. That means that everything we do is, in some way, possible by bike. On the other hand, it’s one thing to get there (wherever “there” is for you) and it’s another to get there with everything you want or need. To that end, we’ve invested in a whole range of bags and panniers all designed to make traveling by bike easier and more comfortable. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I can’t ride my bike there; how will I bring my stuff?” just keep on reading.

First off, to attach any kind of pannier to your bike, you need a rack. If you don’t have a rack, please visit our Rack page. Now, if you do have a rack, we have a bag that will fit on it. The only question is how much space you need in your bags and what kind of weather protection your stuff needs. From the small, light weight grocery bag (almost a fabric basket) to the massive, heavy-duty touring package, there is a bag out there for you.

Ortlieb Velocity, various colors, 109

Ortlieb Compact=

Axiom Monsoon Waterproof front or rear bags, $149 pair

We also carry a wide range of products from Axiom, a Canadian company in Vancouver, B.C. One of our favorites is the Monsoon DLX bag, a 2778 cubic inch pair of rear panniers made from waterproof 500 super denier nylon, with welded and taped seams. Built into the bag is a separate, removable padded laptop sleeve, and a bunch of internal organizers. All the hardware is replaceable, and in fact comes with extra replacement hardware. Gray and black with reflective sublimated logos, $149.99 for the pair.

Axiom Champlain, $144 per pair

For self-supported touring or heavy-duty commuting, look no further than the Axiom Champlain. Made from 1000 denier water-resistant nylon, this pair of rear panniers sports 3667 cubic inches of packable space and a zillion pockets and pouches to organize all your items.  A webbed network of elastic on the top of the bag provides a great place to quickly stuff your extra layers when the sun comes out. A built in rain cover hides out in a small pouch on the top of the bag, ready to be unzipped and expanded in case of a sudden squall. The bottom of the bag is coated in a rubberized fabric for extra protection against water spray and rough ground surfaces. Entirely replaceable hardware makes this bag a great choice for year-round portaging. Grey and black, red and white stitched logos and reflective piping, $143.99 for the pair. In stock.

Axiom Cartier, $90 pair

For lighter or smaller loads, the Cartier totes 1220 cubic inches of all your favorite things. A few external pockets give you a place to quickly stash your keys or wallet or phone while keeping them accessible. Similiar to the Champlain, the Cartier is constructed from 1000 denier water-resistant nylon and has a webbed elastic shock cord attached to the top for last minute things. Black and grey with red and white stitched logos and reflective piping, $89.99 for the pair. In stock.

Axiom Mackenzie, $60 pair

Keep it super simple with the Mackenzie, a pair of rear panniers made from 600 denier water-resistant nylon and featuring a single internal space. The top of each pannier closes off with an elastic draw-string cord and then has a rain-resistant cover that buckles. Total space 1100 cubic inches. Extra hardware and shoulder strap included, black with red/white stitched logos and reflective piping, $69.99.

axiom_appalachian, $36 pair

If you aren’t the sort of rider to want to carry your bags around off the bike, consider the Axiom Appalachian, a double-sided saddlebag style pannier that slings over the top of the rack and hangs off either side, with elastic bungie cord tensioners for stability. One giant enclosure on each side with a smaller external pocket gives you just enough space to fit lots of stuff without any fuss. Lots of reflective tape and piping for extra visibility. 1220 cubic inches, black nylon, $35.99. In stock. And if all you want to acquire are groceries, the Hunter Grocery bag is your guy. 1220 cubic inches per bag, sold singly, in a wide open, drop your grocery bag straight in kind of set up makes loading up a breeze. A strap and buckle fold the bag flat when not in use, and the included shoulder strap gives you the option to use it as your shopping basket in the store. A solid floor creates extra stability for heavy items. $41.99 per bag. Currently in stock.

Now, don’t forget that your bike needs a bag for its own products as well. A snug pack under the seat to carry a spare tube and/or patch kit, a lever or two, plus maybe a couple of bucks is well worth the investment for the unexpected flat tire in the middle of nowhere. We keep a few saddle bags for just that purpose in stock. Come by and check out our current selection, or call for availability and prices. We have products from Ortlieb and Axiom most of the time, but occasionally supplement with products from other vendors.