Front and Rear Lightsets, Battery and Magnetic

Assuming you don’t have any bike lights at all, the most cost-effective way to get the most product for your dollar is to buy a light set, a combination front light and rear light package. Listed below are some of our most popular light sets, including the Reelight magnetic induction light set. The Reelight SL100 light includes a front light and rear light which mount either to the axle of the wheel or to the quick release skewer of the wheel. Two magnets per wheel trip the light and cause it to flash with every rotation. These lights are not meant for road illumination but are “attention-getters”. They automatically start to flash the second you move. The Power Backup version of the SL100 stores a charge in a capacitor, allowing the light to continue to flash even while you are stopped at an intersection. The capacitor keeps only a few minutes worth of flash stored, so it won’t drive you crazy if you keep your bike inside at night. Reelight SL100 Flash, compact length $54.99 Reelight SL100 Flash, extended for disc brakes $64.99 Reelight SL100 Flash w/ Power Backup, compact $64.99 Reelight SL100 Flash w/ Power Backup, extended for disc brakes $74.99 PlanetBike also combines their front and rear lights into affordable package combinations. The SuperFlash/Blaze .5-watt lightset ($54.99) pairs PlanetBike’s very popular SuperFlash taillight with the Blaze .5-watt headlight. The rear light alone typical has a retail price of $24.99, the front light is $34.99, saving you $5 if you purchase the lights together. Batteries included. A little more affordable is the PlanetBike Beamer1/Blinky3 lightset ($34.99). The Beamer 1 is a single LED headlight with an adjustable handlebar mount. The Blinky3 taillight lines up three LED bulbs horizontally behind a textured red lens and can be set to either a solid or flashing mode. And combining our most popular PlanetBike light, the front and rear Spoks, into one product, the Spokset ($24.99) gives you both lights for $5 less than you would pay buying them individually. Super bright and super portable, the Spok lights are a great emergency or supplemental light to your arsenal.