Again with this guy doing wheelies on a 40-lb-when-sopping-wet cargobike

wheelies 5

This is staff mechanic ‘Bama, and he’s wrenching at the shop this Friday, which is Customer Mulled Wine Take Advantage Day. Stop in and ask him what it was like to wheelie a cargobike for 40 yards. He will act all modest and tell you, in his gentle Southern twang, that the Joe-Bike-made ShuttleBug weighs no more than 40 lbs. when sopping wet, minus the cabin and accessories.

Which gives the ShuttleBug a world-leading weight-to-payload ratio that screams “MADE IN PORTLAND, OREGON, USA.”

The photo was taken as Bama warmed up for a shoot for Oregon Manifest’s 2011 poster, by Wieden+Kennedy. Photo by Geoff Rogers.

Happy Thanksgiving, America!