Bags, backpacks, and the Mini You from Blaq Design

Blaq bagsBlaq Mini You

The guys from Blaq Design got to Portland in typical fashion: they packed up everything they owned in a van and drove pretty much nonstop across the country. In their case, from Kent, Ohio, just a couple of months ago. They set up their workshop in the same hangar-like building where we and other mostly Midwestern transplants have our fabrication studios–it’s a former Caterpillar factory a mile down the tracks from what was once a Ford Model T factory. Before they’d finished moving in, before they’d found places to live, and before they realized the Shed was totally unheated, we had them making tough-as-messenger-bags fabric skins for our ShuttleBugs.

Joe Bike is not really a messenger bag sort of shop, and we like to believe we don’t actually know what the phrase “courier system” means. But Blaq’s lineup keeps expanding into stuff that  most commuters would want, and yesterday they showed up at Joe Bike’s retail store with a broad selection of their goods. Check out the hip pouch, the Mini-You pouch (a min-U-lock holder, which will soon have a counterpart for full-sized U-locks), and the BlaqPack (shown at bottom). Next up, among other things: they’re making us a vertically expanding bag for our Porteur racks.

Here is an article about them in Bikerumor.

Blaq pouchBlaqpack