Bike-frame damage on the rise as thieves get physical


Kryptonite Faghettaboudit chain + NY Disc lock

Store manager Tess posted this alert to bike owners on Facebook today:

To all bike owners: I’ve seen an increasing number of bikes come in the door at the shop recently with bent frame tubes where bike thieves have tried to pry open a U-lock. Even if they fail, your frame can be badly damaged! Please be mindful about when and where you lock your bike and for how long.
My best suggestion is to use the smallest lock available that still allows you to lock your bike. Between your bike and the post, there shouldn’t be much room left inside the lock; the less room, the less chance someone has of jamming a pry bar into the U and attempting to force it open, damaging your bike in the process.
Heavy-duty chain locks are also a good suggestion, but definitely weighty and more expensive, plus they’re more awkward to carry and use. But Kryptonite makes a number of high-quality, case-hardened steel chain locks, and the flexible nature of the chain makes it nearly impossible to use it as leverage against itself.
Remember, an expensive lock is a lot cheaper than a new bike. And if you notice any dents or bends in any part of your frame, have the damage checked out for safety’s sake.