Urban Bikes

We specialize in distinctive, high-performance urban bikes that are as much foul-weather friends as fair.  We’ve built one of the world’s deepest selections of ultra-low-maintenance bikes equipped with the trifecta of year-round urban cycling: Gates Carbon belt drive, an internally geared hub, and disc brakes. These bikes all have a set of common attributes:

  • their drivetrains and brakes are weatherproof, extremely reliable, clean to the touch, and rarely need maintenance
  • all were made for fenders and racks
  • all offer strong climbing ability, excellent downhill control
  • all can be equipped with a front dyno hub to power both front and rear lights (and your smart phone too, if you like)


Marin Fairfax SC6 DLX

Looks like Marin’s been paying attention to the Oregon Manifest competition to build the ultimate urban utility bike. They’ve put the common attributes of those bikes (which are the common attributes of the bikes we specialize in) and put it in a complete package: the Fairfax SC6 DLX. You know: belt drive, internal gearing, disc brakes, dynamo lighting, fenders, rack… You know, the basics.



Wolverine Daily Grinder

Soma Wolverine: Soma decided to make their Double Cross Disc belt compatible, and when all was said and done they introduced this do-anything distance road bike, which happens to make an ideal urban bike. Shown above is our house-spec’d, house-built Wolverine Daily Grinder, featuring belt drive, an Alfine 8-speed hub, hydraulic disc brakes, and semi-sweptback bars.

Chain-drive bikes: From among the hundreds of bikes that excel at a couple of different uses–think of touring or cyclocross models that also make excellent urban bikes when equipped a bit differently–we selected what we think are the very best, particularly for Portland. These include several steel, disc-brake models from Minneapolis-based Surly and Salsa, as well as Raleigh and others.

Surly Disc Trucker





Surly Disc Trucker: This is the disc brake version of the venerable Long Haul Trucker, and that’s the only version we sell. The Trucker a classic long-distance tourer that makes an extraordinarily nice, stable, and comfortable commuting and city bike. Because it’s made for fully loaded touring, it’s a bit on the heavy side.


Surly Straggler

Surly Straggler: This is essentially the disc-brake version of a Portland-streets institution, the Cross Check steel cyclocross bike. Cross Check makes for a versatile urban ride, and the only reason we’ve never carried it as that it didn’t have disc brakes. Enter the Straggler. Many of the same attributes as the Trucker, but several lbs. lighter.


We now have an affordable ($675) but elegant stepthrough model with disc brakes: the Kona Coco is almost unique in the US bike market: it’s a mixte with disc brakes.


Other bikes we like:

We don’t usually keep the following in stock, but we like and frequently special-order them, often for custom builds.
Soma Buena Vista: among the most graceful-looking steel frames made today. We custom build these to suit you, from the frame up.
Soma Double Cross: double-butted chromoly cyclocross bike that cleans up very nicely. Frameset/custom builds only.
Urban bikes
Note: If we don’t carry what you’re looking for, we can still special order any bike available from Kona, Salsa, Surly, All-City, Marin, Raleigh, Van Dessel, Torker, Soma, or any of our other brands.