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Under new Dutch ownership, Raleigh's been making a remarkable comeback. Honoring the brand's distinguished heritage, they've redesigned the venerable Clubman light tourer to include disc brakes, making it that much better for Portland riders while upsetting a few cyclists who liked 1970s brake technology just the way it was. (You probably already know this, but all the bikes we sell have disc brakes. We're still asked why, too. Disc brakes stop you better especially in the rain and require a lot less maintenance. This can be discussed for hours, but that's it, distilled into a single drop. In fact, we carry only bikes with disc brakes).

$1100, in stock. Butted cromoly frame, cromoly fork. Shimano BR-R317 mechanical disc brakes, Tiagra 2 x 10 drivetrain.

clubman disc

The stock Clubman Disc comes with striped fenders, toe cages (if you want 'em), and a fancy riveted suede saddle. $1100.

Clubman Disc set up for light touring. Shown with Portland-made North St. bags on an Axiom Streamliner Disc DLX rack. Front bag: Axiom Joliet DLX 8.8L. Portland-made wooden bottle cage from Sykes Wood Fenders.

Clubman Disc set up for light touring. Shown with Portland-made North St. bags on an Axiom Streamliner Disc DLX rack. Front bag: Axiom Joliet DLX 8.8L. Portland-made wooden bottle cage from Sykes Wood Fenders. Frame pump: Axiom BlastAir HVL.

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Designed and spec'd for light touring, year-round classy commuting, and weekend rides over hill and dale, if you know where your dales are. Comes with striped steel fenders that match the accent striping on the frame, for that little bit of extra speed that stripes provide.

We recommend modifying the Clubman Disc with a high-quality dynamo lighting system, an Axiom Streamliner Disc DLX rear rack, and a Brooks Cambium Carved saddle. All these things together form most of what we call the Portlandistan package. Not familiar with Portlandistan? That's Joe Bike's customization package that transforms a bike out of the box into your own personal dream bike. It includes an expert front wheel rebuild to incorporate a high-efficiency, low-resistance dynamo hub that will power some of the best lights on the market into a single, no-maintenance, no-worry lighting system you never have to think about. It also includes a light and stiff rear rack to carry your stuff, fenders (already included with this particular bike), and other custom touches. To get started, call or drop us a line.

Sizes: 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62. We regret to inform you that 52 is the smallest size, most likely because toe vs tire interference while turning would likely be an issue with very small frames.

Specs and sizing information.

Raleigh Clubman disc

 Raleigh has preserved the old, genteel aesthetic that is the heart and soul of the Clubman. Sporty but not twitchy, comfy but not slow, the Clubman is the road bike for those who appreciate the difference between spirited road riding and actual road racing. Century rides, solo or in a group? Absolutely. McKenzie Pass? Do it. Light touring? Check! Commute? Heck yeah. With some gearing modifications, long-distance, self-loaded tours become available. Keep it to the pavement, for the most part, and this bike will rock your world.

It’s the thoughtful details that really make the Clubman a treasure. Of course it has a built-in peg under the top tube for your Zefal frame pump. It also has an integrated, lugged seatpost collar and cowled Ritchey-style rear dropouts. The fork is slender and yet robust, with an elegantly brazed crown. All the bits and pieces are silver, and mostly polished silver, evoking a bygone era of hand-selected and hand-polished components, craftsman assembly, and personal attention to detail. Even the saddle is special: it's riveted and covered in a deep-blue suede. The metal fenders are even painted to match, which is almost unheard of these days.

The drivetrain takes advantage of trickle-down technology; Shimano's Hollowtech II two-piece crankset now exists in the affordable and high bang-to-buck ratio Tiagra groupset. Two-piece cranks use large-diameter bearings outside the shell of the frame to improve bearing life and durability, as well as stiffness under load. Shimano's integrated STI brake/shift levers have great ergonomics and quick, crisp shifting. The newer Tiagra road rear derailleur has a wider accessible gear range than in the past, and is paired with a new 12-30 10-speed cassette that bridges the road and mountain gearing worlds. Even the front derailleur is seeing improvements from its more expensive counterparts in the form of a wider, stiffer linkage, resulting in superior shifts with less clattering or hesitation. Shimano's mechanical road disc brakes have independent pad adjustments for each disc pad, and an improved, beefier actuation arm for less flex under strong braking forces.

In short, this bike has all the class and style of a high-end road touriste from the 1970s, and all the functionality and quality of modern components and manufacturing. Customize it with a dynamo hub and lights, or outfit it with a handlebar bag and panniers, or class it up with a leather saddle and leather bar tape. Or all of the above, we won’t judge you at all. Dream bike? More like a dream come true bike.