Surly Disc Trucker (Long Haul Trucker with disc brakes)

disc-trucker-14_sv_930x390The 2015 Disc Trucker is now available with a 10-speed cassette (11-36) to replace the 2014 9-speed 11-32. We still have the 9-speed in many sizes, all in maroon except for a 42 and a 60cm, which are super dark green.


10-sp $1550; 9-sp $1500.

The Buy Now buttons are for in-store pickup only. We can’t ship Surly bikes purchased via the online cart. Left-side cart: 2014; right-side cart: 2015.


 Why Disc Trucker? Simply put, Because.

Need more convincing? Over the years we've noticed our mechanics tend to have one bike in common in their personal fleets: a majority of them have owned the Surly Long Haul Trucker. Now that Surly has introduced a disc-brake version (shown above with options such as wood fenders, a Brooks saddle, Brooks bar tape, and Portland Design Works rack for $1725-1775), this much-loved cross-country tourer makes an excellent choice for year-round riding in Portland, especially for those of you who are tempted, every so often, to take a 100-mile detour on your way to the Saturday Market. Or who would like to feel so tempted. Or who plan on saving so much money by riding to work that you'll be able to take a month off and cross the country with those two legs of yours. Yes, those, down there. On your Trucker. The one with disc brakes.

Public Service Announcement: To disc, or not to disc? On a touring bike, definitely disc. Why?red trucker leather

In addition to the superior stopping power, better modulation, and lower maintenance, reduced cost in the long run, no wear on the rim, etc, there are some extra benefits to disc brakes that are important specifically to touring bikes. One, an out-of-true wheel or a wheel with a broken spoke (which happens on a tour...that's why Surly equips the Trucker with a nifty spare-spoke mount) has absolutely no effect on your ability to stop. Carrying a spare disc rotor is much easier than carrying around a spare wheel. And removing the wheel is a little easier because you don't have to disengage the brakes to clear the tire. So this is why almost all the bikes we sell are equipped with disc brakes. Now back to our regularly scheduled spiel.
red trucker low resThe 2014 Disc Trucker comes in either oxblood or dark green and costs $1500.

Touring bikes

We still have the old green Disc Truckers in sizes 42 and 60.

Dynamo lighting systems are one of the most common options for our customers. With the purchase of a bike, a complete dyno system, including the Shimano Alfine dyno hub, AXA Luxx70+ front light with smartphone port, and B&M Top Light Line Plus with brake light, runs under $400.

Unfortunately, this dark green color here isn't available anymore. Features all the gear range you'll need to climb mountain roads while fully loaded with all your fun gear. A  riding position you can feel comfortable in for hours at a time. Bar-end shifters that will make you feel like a very fine individual, perhaps slightly better than most folks. Powerful, low-maintenance, weatherproof BB7 disc brakes, which are as good as mechanical disc brakes get. A high-quality cromoly steel frame and fork. All in a surprisingly light package. Krishna takes on a new apprentice.This bike is designed to take a wide range of front and rear racks, of course, in harmony with a wide range of fenders. Have us also add a Brooks sprung leather saddle, an Alfine dyno hub, and some Busch & Muller lights, and you've got the single most complete bicycle you can own as well as our undying respect. Surly Disc Trucker. Nice Rack! Options shown in the photos above: Brooks Flyer sprung leather saddle, Brooks leather handlebar tape, Planet Bike Grasshopper bamboo fenders and (top photo also shows a Portland Design Works Payload bamboo rack). Want to learn about what happened to this bike after we shipped it? Our customer blogged about it here. Disc Trucker comes with either 26" or 700c wheels. Shown above is a Trucker with 700c wheels. Shown below (sans fenders and leather) is a Trucker with 26" wheels. Sizes 54 and smaller: 26" wheels; 56": your choice of 26" or 700c; 58 and above: 700c. In stock: we generally keep all sizes of the Disc Trucker in stock:  42, 46, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60, 62, 64 cm in stock. Surly doesn't offer a 48 cm. Sold as a complete bike, as a frameset, or as a custom build. Geo chart here: trucker geo