Surly Ogre

The Germans have a word for what the Ogre is all about: Monstertourer, though to be perfectly honest that’s just English and we just made it up. But still, it should be a German word. Ogre is basically a 700c/29er version of the 26″-wheel Troll, though it’s based on Karate Monkey geometry. Right now we have the Ogre on custom-build-only status; we don’t typically stock complete Ogres (though we’re happy to order one for you) but rather we work with you to build up your dream monstertourer or your dreamwhatever, from the frame up, including any racks, bags, fenders, lighting systems, etc., that you desire. This process usually takes 1-2 weeks. Surly Ogre monstertourer What we’re showing here is a nice example of an Ogre we built for someone who understands us. This one combines the n360 hub with a double crankset for a very wide gear range suitable for touring on- or off-road, with minimal maintenance and maximum . Alfine dyno hub, Supernova lighting, Surly Nice Rack front and rear, Brooks sprung saddle, bullhorn handlebars, Avid BB7 disc brakes, and tougher-than-nails Schwalbe tires served fat. This is what we mean by “monstertourer”. So the frameset is $575, and complete builds will vary from as little as about $1200 (single speed) to over $3000 if you’re interested in what the Germans call Der Rohlogre, a Rohloff-driven Ogre.

A more citified Ogre: