Surly Troll

At the moment we’re down to a Medium black Troll with open bars, $1450.Other sizes and versions are available by special order.

Possibly no other bike manufacturer has done more to create the American utility cycling movement than Surly. Now Surly has rethought bicycle design to better reflect how a growing segment of cyclists–no, let’s just call them people–are integrating the bicycle into the fabric of their lives, from commuting to shopping to dating to transporting kids and tractoring cargo, even to travelling and vacationing in the simplest, cheapest, bestest of ways, as in bike camping and touring. With some healthy doses of single-track rippage (we’re pronouncing that the French way) thrown in. There, we’ve said it. Perhaps the most useful bikes are not strictly the most capable of heavy haulers, but rather the all-around most versatile machines for life’s chores as well as life’s excellent adventures. Enter the Surly Troll. $525 for the frameset; complete bike $1450; custom builds starting around $1100 for a simple, rugged, single-speed build; up to $3000 or more for our Trollhoff, which is what we call our Troll with a Rohloff internally geared hub). Its trailer companions, Bill & Ted, may want to hang. Bill is 63 x 24 inches and sells for $649; Ted is half that length and $574. Bike Rumor posted this review of the Troll and trailer, with photos such as the one shown above, with the trailer. Below, we custom-built a Troll with a double chain ring and Nuvinci’s n360 internal hub to give it incredible range, particularly for towing. The rear derailleur is there only for tensioning the chain. Equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and Schwalbe Big Apples, this particular build was a demo that is now out and about in the world. You can have one just like it for around $1600-1800.

Bulletin: January 14 through March 2015: Take $150 off any complete Troll or other Surly bike that is currently available from Surly. This is on top of any other discounts we can get from Surly. Email or call to check availability. Does not apply to framesets.


Surley Troll double w/n360

Sizes: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22″. Belt compatible: no. Patterson 2-speed crank compatible: not yet. Colors 2013: eggplant or black. Or put together your own build kit. We can help. In fact, that’s kind of what we do all day. Troll dropouts Surly has this to say about the stock build: The idea behind this sucker is a commuter, tractor, off-roader, tourer, dethmachine. The Surly Troll, now in eggplant   Features: 1×1 geometry with 100mm suspension-corrected fork Multi-use dropout – horizontal rear track-end type with der hanger, fender/rack eyelets, AND trailer specific mounts that will work with Surly trailer nuts (10x1mm thread) Disc on chainstay for rack and fender friendlieness Rohloff compliant Surly Troll 3 Surly’s trailer page: Surly’s Troll page: