Soma Pick-Up Artist



Wired Magazine calls it “the best-named cargo bike ever”, but there is much more going for the Pick-Up Artist than its name.
Now available as a complete, well-equipped bike, this is a great option to consider if you are looking for a little more hauling capacity than the Soma Tradesman or Civia Halsted cycletruck.

Inspired by the Philadelphia-made Bilenky Chuckwagon and similar designs out of Europe, the PUA is even more of a breeze to ride than the already easy Halsted, and hauling heavy cargo on it feels a bit more stable than on the Halsted. Although the Halsted has a substantially larger cargo deck and has a sprightly ride, the PUA’s front rack seems designed to serve as a platform for a larger container of your choosing, and it has a significantly greater carrying capacity. The underside of the front rack features two rows of posts that are perfect for catching bungee hooks or other manners of fixation. PUA also comes with a rear rack,  unlike the Halsted, and a more stable dual kickstand. PUA has front and rear disc brakes; Halsted has front disc and rear rim brakes. In exchange, you pay a bit more: PUA is $1499, while Halsted is $1195 (although we do have a 2013 Halsted for $899). Tradeoffs all around. For heavier weights and DIY cargo containers, go with the Soma. For a quicker ride with moderate loads: maybe the Halsted.

– The longer wheelbase and linkage steering make for less wobble than on the Halsted.
– The platform is fixed to the frame – not the fork – so the front load does not affect the steering as much as with a fork mounted pannier or bar mounted basket.
– Super low standover height makes everything easier. We would say the most awkward moments with a cargo bike aren’t while riding, they’re while maneuvering the bike on foot when it’s fully laden. Low stepover height helps.


Frame: Steel w/alloy fold-down stem, one size
Handlebars: Ahearne-MAP
Brakes: Avid BB-7 160/180mm
Brake Levers: Avid FR-5
Crank Set: SRAM S200 42-32-22T, 170mm
Cassette: SRAM PG-730 7-speed, 12-32T
Derailleurs: SRAM X.3
Grips: Velo ergonomic
Pedals: Aluminum platform w/boron axle
Saddle: Velo VL-3061
Wheels: 20″ front (keeps load at a lower center of gravity), 26″ rear (alloy disc hubs and rims, 36h)
Tires: Kenda Kwest 20/26″ x 1.75″
Front Platform: Steel, 44x30mm
Extras: Rear rack, fenders and steel double kickstand included

Effective Top Tube: 565mm
Steering column height (to the ground): 1000mm
Saddle to Pedal distance: 780 – 940mm
Wheelbase: 1350mm

This is a highly specialized bike, so we offer it by prepaid special order only. Please allow about 7-10 days before your PickUp Artist is ready.