Touring and Distance Road Bikes

Touring by bike is our favorite mode of distance travel. Some of us have done six-month bike tours of Europe on the Surly Big Dummy, bike-camped up and down the coast of Portugal, circled Oregon for 900 miles on their honeymoon, or crossed the US as teenagers…with their dad.

We carry only touring bikes that have the following characteristics:

–chromoly steel or titanium frame

–disc brakes

–tires at least 32 mm wide, and usually around 38 mm, with room for 40-45 mm or even wider.

–plenty of mounting points for front and rear racks, fenders, and water bottle cages

A few of our favorite touring bikes include the new Salsa Marrakesh, the Marin Four Corners and Surly’s Disc Trucker for fully loaded (80 lbs. or so of gear) touring; and our house-built Soma Wolverine Weltgrinder with Rohloff.

Our house-spec'd, house-built, Rohloff-equipped version of the Soma Wolverine. We call it the Weltginder.


The Vaya Deore all dressed upThe Salsa Vaya Deore Especiale (Our amazin Custom Build), Vaya GX, and Vaya Ti are perhaps the perfect ride for those who want an all-day gravel and adventure bike that is equally adept at light touring and city commuting. At 3 lbs. lighter than the old Vaya, it’s fast and fun yet super stable on varied surfaces.


The flat-bar version of the Salsa Marrakesh. Also comes in blue.

The drop-bar version of the Salsa Marrakesh


The Salsa Vaya Claris is a solid, no-nonsense touring bike, with well chosen components  for a bit less money. Looking for a great Urban Commuter bike?  This might be your budget’s best friend.

fargoFor off-road touring, bikepacking, and long distances over widely varying, challenging terrain, check out the Salsa Fargo, the Surly Troll, Surly Ogre, and Surly ECR. ECR Rohloff custom


Also the Surly Ogre, a similar bike made by the same company that owns Salsa:

orgre monster







Please click on the links below to view our other touring bikes, available by special order as framesets or complete bikes.

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