All-City Macho Man Disc


Yes, we're now carrying the All-City Macho Man Disc (now $1499) by special order only. We still love this bike, but after expanding our offerings from Surly's sister brand, Salsa, we just don't have the space for it this year.


Macho Man Disc, like the Straggler of All-City's sister company Surly, stomps down hard on the heart of Joe Bike territory: it's a steel cyclocross romper, ranger, rover, reconnoiterer, and randonneurer. Unlike your friends on their skimpy road bikes, you can ditch the pavement to ride gravel, dirt, mud, glimmering spare change, chicken bones, and whatever else you find on all-day rides.

How does it compare with the Straggler? It's a bit more of an actual race bike than the Straggler is, with slightly higher-level components and a slightly higher-quality cromoly tubeset. Macho Man Disc doesn't have a full set of rack mounts, unlike the Straggler, making it a bit less commuter-oriented. And yet! And yet we see quite a few MMD's making their daily rounds all over the streets of Portland and the trails of Forest Park.

It should be noted that the MMD came down in price. In its first year it was for close to $1800, but the new normal is $1499, making it, a very solid value.

Fenders and racks that work well with the Macho Man Disc (below):

PDW Full Metal Fenders

Axiom Streamliner Road Disc

MMD accessories 2

MMD accessories