How a 110 lb. photographer gets her 140 lb. model to the shoot on time

So how does this 5’2″, 110 lb. photographer get her 140 lb. Great Dane fashion model to photo shoots all over New York City? Subways and buses aren’t options–the dog wouldn’t be allowed on. Taxicabs? Not likely. Driving? They’d be late. It’s faster, more dependable, and in the long run much cheaper to go by bike. What kind of bike can do that? A ShuttleBug handmade by Joe Bike and rechristened the ShuttleDog.dori and reyki, waiting for their ShuttleDog to arrive from Portland (photo: Cat Phoenix)


The Great Dane is named Alexander Reykjavik, and his Gates carbon-drive bike is shipping to Brooklyn later this  month (for those of you following this story, Reyki and his owner decided to spend the winter in a warm, sunny place, so we kept the bike in the shop for a few months longer than planned, to our delight). You can see it up close at the PDX Bicycle Show at the Convention Center this weekend. It will be in the Oregon Framebuilders area.

We were tempted to load up our own dogs for a quick photo shoot, but no way—Reyki loves that new-bike smell, and he’s got a big nose. Here he is on the job in some sort of ad for shoes, hair products, or maybe really short dresses.

Reyki modeling