n360 Joe Bike Boxbike on Portland Craigslist, $2000 obo


This is an 8-month-old Boxbike with significant upgrades:

Nuvinci n360 hub for continuously variable internally geared hub–extremely robust, maintenance-free, weatherproof, and clean.

Very powerful Shimano rear roller brake (not a coaster brake!) impervious to Portland rain.

Shimano dyno hub with Shimano dyno light

The box is handmade in Portland and weather-sealed.

The rain canopy is handmade in Portland by Blaq Design.

Stout rear rack.

Powdercoated and completely assembled in Portland.

Built-in rear wheel lock.

Safety harnesses for two passengers (not shown in photo).

Removable bench.

Joe Bike boxbike with Nuvinci n360

the new box