Of Joe Breeze, Gary Fisher, and Marin County’s first ShuttleBug

Marin County, California, is credited as the birthplace of the mountain bike. The sport’s founders, back in the 1960s and ’70s, include Joe Breeze (Breezer bicycles), Gary Fisher, Tom Ritchie, Keith Bontrager, and many others in that area. It even has a mountain-bike brand named after it. We were happy to get this dispatch from a new ShuttleBug owner in Marin, who wrote:

“On my way home this morning, guess who rode alongside me, asking all about your masterpiece? Fellow bike builder/advocate/MTB legend Joe Breeze himself! He was of course very curious and excited. (One of my best friends is Gary Fisher’s ex and she is crazy about the Shuttlebug) We may not be Portland, but Marin has its bike roots…”

We would say Portland may not be Marin…yet. And here’s to many more ad hoc rides with bike legends.

Buglets about to meet Joe Breeze right after they fly down this hill.