Open call for Cargo Santas. Deliver with us! Bike shops: get on the list!

Santa rides a ShuttleBug

This year, Be the Santa.

Here’s the idea:

Anybody who rides a cargobike (or who has a trailer) is invited to take part in our first annual SantaHaul (here in Portland–but you can organize your own event anywhere). On a day or evening to be determined, we’ll meet up at a central location, divvy out delivery manifests to all the Santas, and load up our cargo bikes. Each Santa will head off to whatever neighborhood is on their manifest, and make their deliveries, either directly to families in need or to participating churches, shelters, or other places. We’d like to spread far and wide all over town. At the end we will, it goes without saying, meet again for some glo:g and stories to share.

Where will the gifts (food, toys, etc.) come from? We don’t know yet. We’re going to put out a call for donations from the community, so that people can drop off their gifts at any participating local bike shop. And generally spread the word. And even if you can’t take part in this, we’re going to ask you to spread the word in any way you can.

If you’re interested, in any capacity, or just have ideas or input to share, please email us at joebikeportland.