Remember the honey badger? Now it’s a bike.

Honey Badger

Single speed with Carbon Drive: $2599

Geared with chain: $2699

Spot named the successor to their vaunted Rocker the Honey Badger. Why? Because it doesn’t care what you put in front of it. Then Spot gave it a true-to-nature honey badger color scheme. Spot Brand is pretty much the only company in the bike industry to put forth that, if you’re going to name a bike after an animal, it should probably be the same colors as the animal. Check it out:=The honey badger Compare with: Honey Badger from The photo above is from, who wrote an excellent review that’s filled with a lot of great details, which we will let speak for us. (We can add that the cannulation of the seat tube makes this whip feel almost like dual suspension, without all that weight.) He even posted the famous You Tube video of the honey badger (the animal) in action, so click on this link! If you haven’t watched it yet, you must. How to get one? We deal in the Honey Badger by special order only, so prepayment is required. We do have a size Medium available for test rides, and please call ahead for that.

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typically need about a week to get the bike in, build it, test ride it, dial it, and either pack it up and ship it to you or have you come in to tweak the fit. Shipping generally costs about $130, with full insurance, plus a $55 repacking fee. To place your order, click on the orange “shop now” button at the top of the page or give us a shout at 503 954-2039. Spot has sizing, component, and all other information here.

This is what Spot says about Honey Badger. For those who enjoy taking on just about anything on a single-speed. And for those who enjoy putting the over-geared, fully-kitted peeps in a world of envy, the Honey Badger is a must-have fun machine. We spent thousands of hours on the details to enhance the riding experience. Like Animal-Leg Seatstays and a new Time-Trial Cutaway Seattube for 82% more vertical compliance over the Rocker – that means better traction and a shocking level of comfort. We further refined the geometry, created a Crenelated Downtube Gusset, and a CNC machined tapered headtube, providing stiffness and stability for remarkable steering control. And single-speeding is at its purest with the buttery Gates Carbon Drive CenterTrack drivetrain. Use it on any day, any trail, for whatever reason. To be honest, the Honey Badger don’t care.