Salsa Fargo 2, 3, Suspension, and Titanium


Special Bulletin: Purchase any Fargo 2 or Fargo 3 or Suspension Fargo and get $150 in credit for accessories or parts. This will go a long way toward outfitting your Fargo with Revelate frame bags so you don’t even need no stinkin racks. This offer applies to both in-stock Fargos and any Fargo we order for you. It even applies to the suspension Fargo, which is a bike you should seriously consider adding to your stable. When negotiating with your partner about this, use the verb “curate” rather than “buy”, “get”, “need”, “add”, etc., so that you don’t sound quite so slutty.



Part I. The Spirit of the Thing

The Fargo is hard to pin down. It’s almost unique in concept and design, because yes, it’s a mountain bike with giant 29” tires, mountain gearing, and a suspension-corrected frame (with suspension fork, steel fork, or carbon fork options), but it also has drop-bars and SRAM road shifters. The drop-bars are Salsa’s wide, flared Woodchipper bars, with extra leverage and exceptional ergonomics, but are drop bars nonetheless. Salsa calls the Fargo their “drop bar, off road adventure bike”, and that’s true. It’s a very able touring bike, on or off road, a more than decent trail bike, and you could absolutely ride around town and do your errands on it when you happen to be between adventures.

So you have decided that you want to bike tour but aren’t sure where you want to go, and you want the options of sticking to pavement or wandering off on trails where road bikes, and maybe even cyclocross bikes, can’t comfortably go. With the Fargo it doesn’t matter: you can do it. In fact, you could tour exclusively on dirt, and the Fargo would tear it up. Or gravel, or packed snow, or bad pavement, or good pavement, or pretty much anything but actual water (warning: the Fargo is NOT a flotation device). And then, once you make camp in pristine virgin forest or remote desert canyons or high-altitude alpine tundra or wherever it is that you wound up because you couldn’t stop riding, you can drop your bags or your trailer and go ride just for fun, because you’re here and you can and it’s gorgeous and why the hell wouldn’t you?

And that was when the Fargo officially blew your mind, because it just transformed from a super-capable rugged touring bike into a totally kick-ass cross-country mountain bike with funky and yet awesome handlebars. This is adventure touring in the most pure form; paved roads, service roads, goat trails, no trails at all, just a compass, whatever you want to carry, and a will to go. You don’t need a highway map; you’ve got a surveyor’s topographical map and the sun and no one stopping you.

The only problem with the Fargo is that now you have no excuses. You have a bike that can, actually, go anywhere and do everything, and because you can, you must.

Salsa is probably the most respected name in serious touring bikes, and the Fargo is Salsa’s off-road adventure craft for traveling off the grid. It has developed a cult status as an off-road touring and bikepacking machine.

Part II. The Details of the Thing

The 2014 Fargo 3 ($1699) receives Alternator dropouts and the Firestarter Steel fork, making this an even more capable and versatile bike. Run geared, singlespeed, thru-axle, or Rohloff setups if you choose. Use bikepacking bags or add our Alternator Standard Rack and panniers for a longer trip. You can see the complete spec here.

The 2014 Fargo 2 ($2299) comes with a Firestarter carbon fork. You can see the complete spec here.






The 2014 Fargo Ti (by special order only) receives Alternator dropouts and the Firestarter Carbon fork, making this an even more capable and versatile bike. Run geared, singlespeed, thru-axle, or Rohloff setups if you choose. Use bikepacking bags or add Salsa’s Alternator Standard Rack and panniers for longer trip.

fargoThe Fargo is designed to take you wherever it is you wish to go, be it the Camino de Santiago route from France to Spain, or an extended exploration of Patagonia.



Complete bikes or framesets are available. We carry frame-mounted touring/bikepacking bags and other accessories from Salsa, Revelate Designs, Arkel, and others, in addition to a full selection of racks and the bags that go on them.

Please note that we don’t ship Salsa bikes. The only exception would be if the customer visited the store to ride and fit the bike first, then had us ship it. Our dealer agreement forbids anything else.


Comparable bikes we offer: Surly Ogre (same parent company as Salsa), Surly Troll, Tout Terrain PanAmerican.


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