Save your copper: A brass bell from Portland Design Works

King of Ding (tm) from Portland Design Works

There’s no bike-related sound quite as exquisite as the sweet lingering ring of a brass bell living Doppler’s dream. We’ve always admired the Crane brass bell from Japan, but Portland Design Works has just introduced something even prettier and Portlandiar: King of Ding(tm), a solid brass bell with brass striker and alloy mount. $20. This is something to save up your copper pennies for. Or, you know, just whip out your debit card now. You’ll find it at Joe Bike, where you can stand there comparing the tones of all our bells until we ask you if you’ve “found the right one”, which might or might not be construed as a cue that it’s time to make a stand on the bell decision. Because there’s no Doppler effect in a bike shop.

Available by mid-March.

Fits 22.2 – 25.4 mm handlebars thus far.