Wheelbuilding and wheels generally

As a shop that does an extraordinary proportion of custom bike builds, including our own handmade ShuttleBug, all Stop Cycles bikes, and others, Joe Bike has become one of Portland’s most capable wheelbuilders. We’re also some of Portland’s most knowledgeable resources for wheelbuilds based on internally geared hubs and Gates carbon drive. In fact, wheelbuilding is such a major part of our operations that we’ve created a new entity for it, called Joe Bike WheelWorks, headed by expert wheelbuilders Tess and Mike (store manager and service manager, respectively). Our labor charge for a custom handspun wheel, front or rear, is $50 plus rim, spokes, and hub, all of which we can help you select. Here are some other typical wheel services we provide every day:
  • Minor wheel true, front or rear: $14.00
  • Major wheel true, front or rear: $22.00
  • Replace spoke, front: $19.00
  • Replace spoke, rear: $25.00
  • Single speed rear wheel spacing and dish: $40.00
  • Spoke cutting, 15 cents per spoke
  • Flat-tire repair: $10 ($5 for the tube, $5 for labor)
Related services:  We also offer complete brake service on all kinds of brakes.