Joe Bike, JoeBike, Joe-Bike, and Joebike are trademarks of Joe Bike LLC.

Joe Bike, JoeBike, and are common-law trademarks of Joe Bike LLC and have been since August 2008. US and international trademark registration is pending.

Joe Bike LLC, established in August 2008, imports, distributes, designs, manufactures, and retails utility bikes and other kinds of bicycles, some with electric-assist (designated by “e-” or “e” before the name Joe Bike) across North America and around the world. Joe Bike also operates a full-service bicycle shop in Portland, Oregon, USA. Having used the name “Joe Bike” in commerce since August 2008, Joe Bike LLC owns the common-law trademark on the names Joe Bike, joebike, JoeBike, Joebike, joe-bike, Joe-Bike, and joe-bike. In addition, the model name ShuttleBug is trademarked under common law. Our trademarks encompass the use of these terms in conjunction with any internet domain, such as .com, .net, .info, etc. The prefix “e” or “e-“, indicating electric assist, is covered by our trademark. (E.g., establishing a computer company called e-AppleComputer would be an infringement of Apple Computer’s trademark.) Joe Bike’s logo is also trademarked. Any unauthorized use of our trademarks is prohibited.