Surly is about to ship the new color Disc Trucker, a blue that’s a little bit darker than robin’s egg, and we’re clearing out all our Truckers in maroon and green. To wit:

Super Dark Green Disc Truckers. These are 9-speed (9×3), 2013/2014 models, new, sizes 42 and 60 cm with 26″ wheels. Now only $1200.

All 2014 maroon 9-speed Disc Truckers, $1350.

Surly Troll, orange, XL, $1200.

Salsa El Mariachi: $250 off on any complete 2015 El Mariachi for a limited time.

All of our Walnut Studiolo leather goods are 33% off!

All in-stock Redline Metro Classic 2014 bikes are marked down from $1100 to $899. Sizes we don’t have in stock but can get for you? $1000.

 The new 2015 Raleigh Misceo 4.0 i8 is normally $1300, but we’re selling it for $1099 in all sizes except $999 in extra large. Just to be clear: This is a Gates Carbon Drive, Alfine-8 city/light-trail bike with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes…for $1099. You better ride this like you stole it, because you pretty much will have. Don’t worry, we’ll look the other way.

Spot Acme: All in-stock sizes of the 2014 Spot Acme are $300 off: $1899 instead of $2199.

 Demo/Display Bikes:

Three Surly Straggler display bikes are also marked down significantly:

–A 54 cm Straggler in sparkly purple (Glitter Dreams) with bamboo fenders, cork bar tape, Schwalbe tires, sprung Brooks saddle, and Brooks leather tool pouch. Regularly this would be over $2100, but we’ve had it on display for a year and have marked it down to $1900. It’s shown below, but the rack and North St. bags are not included. We can set up any other size Straggler, whether black or purple, with the same fenders, saddle, and bar tape for $2000. Straggler dressed up






Straggler display bike number 2 is also a purple 54, but we built it up as a more upright very-low-maintenance city ride, with an Alfine 8-speed internally geared hub, Metropolis handlebars, and a single chainring for reduced weight and maintenance. This is a worry-free, fun to ride, all-weather urban bike. Just add your choice of fenders. $1450 sans fenders. Here’s an example of the bike when set up with a dynamo system, fenders, and a rack, which are extra:

Straggler flat bar 2






 More deals, not demo:

Spot Wazee: regularly $2400, now $2149 for any 2015 (green) that we have in stock. Want your own color? For $250 we can have it powdercoated any color you like, all disassembly/reassembly labor included. Are we crazy? No, that’s just how it pencils out. The 2016 Wazee ($2400) will be glossy black and should arrive in July or August.

Wazee is what we call the ultimate urban bike–belt drive, Alfine 11, hydro disc brakes, steel frame and fork, Schwalbe tires, and an exhilerating full-body kind of ride experience that will make you glad you’re not Dutch, not dead, or both not Dutch and not dead. Oh, what a feeling!

Salsa Fargo: Purchase any Fargo 2 or Fargo 3 or Suspension Fargo at the regular price and get $150 in credit for accessories or parts. This will go a long way toward outfitting your Fargo with our Revelate or Apidura frame packs so that you don’t even need no stinkin racks. This offer applies to both in-stock Fargos and any Fargo we order for you. It even applies to the suspension Fargo, which is a bike you should seriously consider adding to your stable. When negotiating with your partner about this, use the verb “curate” so that you don’t sound so slutty.