The American Cargo Bike Revolution, captured by a ShuttleBug owner

Liz's ShuttleBug

We’ve noticed a pattern: our cargobike customers across North America buy a bike for their daily transportation and, within weeks or months, find themselves becoming cargobike activists in their cities. Outside of Portland, it’s happened in Denver, Indianapolis, Louisville, Charleston, Los Angeles, and elsewhere. Now Liz Canning (above), a ShuttleBug owner in Marin County, California, is filming a documentary on the emergence of this movement. Last month she sent a video team to interview cargobike builders and riders at the Cargo Bike Roll Call in Portland. In the past few weeks she’s been traveling to interview framebuilders on both coasts and is coming to Oregon Manifest next month, where dozens of framebuilders (including Joe Bike and Antload) will compete in the nation’s first focused utility-bike design and construction challenge. Today she established an online cargobike network. She also wants to interview cargobike riders who’ve changed their lives by changing how they get around day to day. If you’re one of those people and you’d like to talk with her and possibly contribute to this documentary, please get in touch at: