This is what you get with the $125 winter overhaul special

Bicycle Overhaul: $200.00 (winter special: $125)

An overhaul will leave you with a bike that is in top notch condition, with every bearing serviced or replaced if needed, wheels trued, cables replaced as necessary, shifting and braking to the best of the equipment’s ability. Includes labor to upgrade or convert in various ways. Parts are additional, and assume an average of $80-$100 for replacement parts, possibly including ball bearings and cones, brake pads, chains/cassettes/chainrings, bottom brackets, cables, grips/tape, or others. The mechanic performing the work will inspect all parts for wear or damage and make appropriate decisions as to whether the part is safe. No work will be performed or parts replaced that exceed the initial estimate given except by approval of the bike’s owner. Can be done by appointment or as an unscheduled drop off. It takes the better part of a day to do an overhaul, so please call ahead (503 232-1107).